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The Green Transition Leap provides SMEs with knowledge about the climate

How can SMEs create business opportunities and competitiveness in the climate transition? This is the subject of the project Omställningslyftet (The Green Transition Leap), in which IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute is a key partner. The aim is to increase SMEs' awareness of how to participate in the green transition.

What can a company do to help achieve climate goals? That is the subject of the project Omställningslyftet financed by the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth. The project aims to coach, inspire and make visible to businesses and organisations what steps can be taken to make progress in the climate transition.

The project supports companies in implementing solutions to increase their capacity and provide tools to develop sustainable, competitive and future-proof businesses. A core element is a business-oriented guidance.

IVL, with its broad network of contacts with companies, is an essential cog in this aim.

A life-cycle perspective on the environmental impact of your business will help you direct your actions where they will do the most good, avoiding pitfalls and short-term decisions that affect your investments and business losses.

Do you want to know more about life cycle thinking and start calculating your environmental impacts? Sign up for our webinar, where you will be introduced to life cycle assessment methods and commonly used environmental calculation frameworks and standards.

Target group: small and medium-sized enterprises


  • Introduction to life cycle thinking and life cycle assessment methods.
  • Overview of common frameworks and standards and how these are appropriately used.
  • Orientation among frameworks that are relevant and current for your business model

The webinar provides a sound knowledge base for our coaching, where you can get individual support on how your company can use life cycle thinking and analysis in business development. Participation in the webinar is not a requirement to register for the coaching (see below).

Are you ready for the next step and want to use the life cycle perspective and life cycle assessment in your business development? Sign up for coaching with IVL's LCA and business development experts!

IVL has developed a training concept consisting of two coaching sessions where business and LCA expertise work together to help companies apply life cycle thinking and environmental calculations relevant to business development

Target group: SMEs with the ambition to develop their business model from an environmental perspective.


  • Further, explore your products and services from a life cycle perspective
  • Identify and recommend (new) appropriate and commercially quantifiable environmental impacts
  • Create calculations and arguments describing the environmental savings the product or service is expected to contribute to
  • Initiate and improve the quality of quantified environmental impacts


  • Kick-off meeting (about two hours): you describe your business idea, products or services and expected environmental impact, and present the level of innovation, market potential and competing solutions. Based on this, we set objectives for the coaching and give initial advice on how the environmental benefits could be described and quantified.
  • Between meetings: this is followed by investigation, analysis and review where you prepare arguments on how the environmental benefits could be communicated and work on quantifying the environmental benefits based on the discussion at the kick-off meeting. IVL provides advice and support during the process and reviews the final result.
  • Final meeting (two hours): We go through your environmental arguments and calculations together. IVL provides overall feedback, tips, and advice on how to work further to reduce your environmental impacts integrated with your business development.

By 2030, Sweden will reduce its emissions from transport by 70 per cent. To achieve this, large and small companies must be on board. Many companies have already joined the Fossil Free Sweden transport challenge and promised to have completely fossil-free travel and transport by a specified date.

IVL has developed a coaching concept where we go through how small and medium-sized companies can work to reduce their emissions from travel and transport. The aim is for you to set a pledge linked to your travel and transportation and have a realistic plan for achieving it.

Target group: SMEs that want to reduce their carbon footprint


  • Know your emissions from passenger and freight transport – where do they come from, and how big are they?
  • How do you reduce your emissions from passenger and freight transport? Measures and methods you can use.


Kick-off meeting (approx. 3 h): general orientation and methods to reduce transport emissions
During the first meeting, we review what is happening in the environmental field related to travel and transport, such as what initiatives and policies affect the area. Then we look at participating companies: what are your travel and transport practices? Where do you have your most significant climate impact? What have you done so far to reduce your emissions?

We discuss solutions and measures to reduce your emissions from travel and transport. We look at concrete solutions such as biofuels, electrification and transport efficiency. In addition, we look at how you can use these solutions in your travel and transportation, including through transport procurement, choice of company cars, vehicle pools, purchasing of travel, etc. We start with your needs and focus on relevant measures for participating companies. Finally, we review a task for the next meeting.

Follow-up meeting (approx. 3 h):

You bring to the meeting the task you prepared after the first meeting. All participants present their analyses, and there is a group discussion on each analysis. Finally, we discuss possible climate pledges and strategies the participants can adopt.

There is intense pressure from international stakeholders who want Swedish solutions for increased sustainability. Smart City Sweden knows export markets and demand and operates a national and international database of Swedish sustainable companies. Through an extensive network, Smart City Sweden provides good examples and offers storytelling about sustainable Swedish solutions. IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute, with support from the Swedish Energy Agency, runs the platform. You can read more on the website for Smart City Sweden. External link, opens in new window.

IVL also runs SwedishCleantech.com, Sweden's largest export platform for environmental technology companies. On the website, interested parties from other countries can find information, statistics and companies in Swedish environmental technology and get support in finding the right solution for them. Read more at swedishcleantech.com External link, opens in new window..

Collaboration between IVL, CCBuild and the Green Transition Leap (Omställningslyftet)

You can attend our network meetings below or sign up for individual coaching at the take the next step towards circular building.


2 March Återbruk Väst Network - Theme: "From pilot to policy"

Welcome to the Recycling West working group meeting. The meeting is aimed at partners in CCBuild and actors involved in coaching via the Reversionary Lift.

During one of the meetings in the autumn of 2022, we discussed how we as recycling organisations move from Pilot to Policy in the organisation. We discussed what steps each organization needs to take and what is included. The following steps were identified: mandate - involvement - goals - tactics - routine - strategy - users & customers - broad internal training - infrastructure for reuse.

Read more and register: https://ccbuild.se/eventdetailpage?id=140 External link, opens in new window.

6 March Working group for climate calculations of reuse

On this occasion, IVL and CCBuild invite to share experiences and insights related to climate calculation of reuse.

The theme of this meeting is how to think about climate impacts / climate calculation if the reused product does not completely replace a new product and therefore performs differently during use. For example, if it has different energy use, lifetime and water use than a new product.

IVL will briefly present previous results on the secondary effects of reuse and Karin Farsäter will present parts of the report "Tear, recycle, rebuild or renovate? Energy use throughout the life cycle". Lots of experience sharing is promised!

Read more (Swedish) and register: https://www.ccbuild.se/eventdetailpage?id=135 External link, opens in new window.

22 March: Circular glass flows - inspiration and coaching

We can only become circular together and now you have the opportunity to get free coaching from experts from IVL Swedish Environmental Institute and CCBuild via the Green Transition Leap. Welcome to a meeting where we offer inspiration and information on how you can take the next step towards more circular glass flows. Together with IVL Swedish Environmental Institute and CCBuild we present an offer to small and medium-sized enterprises (up to 249 employees) to participate free of charge in a coaching programme to give your business support to work more circularly based on your specific conditions. The offer includes a start-up meeting and up to eight hours of one-to-one coaching free of charge.

Read more: https://ccbuild.se/eventdetailpage?id=163 External link, opens in new window.

Get in touch to participate!

Does your company want to join the Green Transition Leap? Submit an expression of interest on this form External link, opens in new window. (the form is in Swedish only).

Packaging IVL's knowledge

IVL wants to move from science to reality. In The Green Transformation Leap initiative, this means packaging knowledge and experience from our research and innovation projects in easily accessible formats such as:

  • climate analysis in the company’s value chain
  • identifying a sustainability-driven business
  • making your company's business model circular
  • pointing the way to grant funding for your company's transformation efforts
  • showing what export opportunities may be possible, for example, through the Smart City Sweden export platform
  • create demand for the company's circular offering by accelerating demand from municipal procurement

Project facts

  • Project name: The Green Transition Leap (Omställningslyftet)
  • Budget: 100 millions SEK
  • Funded by: Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)
  • Partners: RISE (Research Institutes of Sweden). Bland övriga parter, förutom IVL, finns Sveriges inkubatorer och science parks (SISP), Energikontoren, Industriella UtvecklingsCentra (IUC), SuPr (den nationella noden för hållbar produktion) liksom bland andra Skill Training Scandinavia, Techtank, Mälardalen Industrial Technology Center (MITC), Företagsutbildarna i Sverige, Centrum för Informationslogistik i Ljungby, Industrihubb Örebro, Örnsköldsviks Industrigrupp, Träcentrum i Nässjö Kompetensutveckling, Tillväxt Gotland, Mälardalens Universitet.
  • Period: 2022 - 2023

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