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Chart and make ecosystem services visible

Thanks to biodiversity, nature provides our communities with many useful products and services, such as fresh water, clean air, carbon dioxide sequestration, pollination, food and recreational opportunities. A unifying concept for everything a natural ecosystem gives us is ecosystem services.

The concept of ecosystem services has in recent years been increasingly used in policy and environmental work both internationally and nationally. IVL The Swedish Environmental Institute can offer services and tools around a number of requested areas, such as integration of ecosystem services in environmental assessments of planning processes and in environmental impact assessments, charting and evaluation of ecosystem services in built-up environments.

We help you to:

  • Investigate which business opportunities are linked to ecosystem services.
  • Analyze how ecosystem services can be a tool for planning, balancing decisions and evaluating various measures.
  • Investigate what interactions and goal conflicts there are between different ecosystem services.
  • Investigate how ecosystem services can bridge barriers between stakeholders with different interests.

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