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To solve the environmental challenges our world is facing, we need more than environmental research. We need collaborative efforts, an interdisciplinary approach and real-world applications.

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Research and consultancy assignments for a sustainable transition

Half of IVL's operations consists of research; the other half comprises external assignments and services. IVL employs more than 400 environmental specialists in virtually every field relating to the environment and sustainability. We have extensive scientific expertise, ranging from engineers and environmental scientists to behavioural scientists, economists and social scientists. And we possess both broad-based and specialist knowledge – a quarter of our employees have doctoral degrees. IVL drives the transition to the sustainable society by turning science into reality, environmental problems into opportunities, and linear processes into a circular economy.


En hand som håller mettalring

Advanced research

We conduct grant-based research and co-financed research in virtually every field relating to the environment and sustainability.

Agata Andressson på kontoret i Malmö .

Targeted consultancy assignments

IVL is engaged in both small and large assignments for clients in the private sector, government agencies, local government and organizations.

Tre kvinnor sitter och fikar


Research – funded in equal parts by private and public funding – in environmental issues of importance to society.

IVL's work


IVL's research and development

IVL conducts advanced research in almost the entire environment and sustainability field.

Anna-Sara Krång tar prover i havet

IVL's test beds and research stations

Test beds, pilot facilities, research stations and demonstrators move developments forward.


IVL's foreign offices and international work

IVL has offices in China and India, but has projects and clients all over the world.

Medarbetare på IVL håller lådor målade med de globala målen

Societal benefits of research

IVL's work contributes to the UN global goals in several ways.

IVL Svenska miljöinstitutet, kontoret i Malmö.

Work with us at IVL!

Join us to continue advancing the sustainable transition. We have jobs in everything from administration to research.

IVL's organization

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Our owners – SIVL

SIVL (Stiftelsen Institutet för Vatten- och Luftvårdsforskning) is sole owner of IVL Svenska Miljöinstitutet AB.

Jogan Söderqvist på Möbelfakta i naturen

IVL's subsidiaries

Basta Online, eBVD, EPD International and Möbelfakta are subsidiaries of IVL.

Kollegor i matsal

IVL's organization

IVL is owned by SIVL, conducts both research and consultancy, and is non-profit.

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IVL's finances

Our annual reports and activity reports.

IVL: 50 years at the environmental front line

IVL's history

Learn more about IVL and Swedish environmental history, going back to 1966. Many former environmental problems have been solved, and we have already started research into the problems of the future – from science to society.

See the film from our 50th anniversary.

Read more about IVL's history

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