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Sustainable working life after 65

The retirement age is being raised and we are expected to work ever higher into old age. But how is it ensured that employees last for a longer working life? In this research project, one will look at workplaces that have succeeded in creating conditions for a sustainable working life up to the age of 65 or longer. This is to be able to study what strategies they have that work well and have an effect.

An important part of a sustainable working life is to create working environments, working conditions and working conditions that make employees want and be able to work until the age of 65 and beyond. To achieve this, efforts are needed at the workplace level and at the societal level.

The study will be carried out at ten workplaces in health care, in school or social services. These are industries where it is common for employees to quit prematurely. Here you want to find factors and strategies that allow people to work longer in the workplace.

The starting point in this project is to look for good examples of workplaces where you have succeeded well in adapting the work to employees while it has been to the benefit of the company or organization, as business benefits can be an important driving force for other workplaces to make similar efforts.

Project facts

  • Sustainable working life after 65
  • Budget - 3 329 000 kronor
  • Financing - AFA Försäkring
  • Period: 2016 - 2022


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