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GRACE - responsible research and innovation

GRACE is a Science with and for Society-project that supports the European Commission's goal of disseminating Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) within European research. IVL Swedish Environmental Institute's task is to identify, develop and implement measures within Open Access and Gender Equality.

The project's mission is to develop a set of specific measures (Grounding Actions) in six European research organizations (Implementing Organizations). These measures will form the basis for the development of an 8-year RRI roadmap with a view to ensuring long-term implementation.

GRACE brings together ten partners from eight European countries and forms a dynamic mix of RRI-oriented organizations, covering the full spectrum from less experienced implementation partners to experts who support the design of Grounding Actions.

In practice, RRI is implemented through a package that includes most participants and the public's involvement in research and innovation. The goal is to enable easier access to scientific results, ensure research ethics and to consider gender and gender in both research and innovation content and its processes.


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