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Anton Fagerström

Anton Fagerström, Group leader

Anton is team leader for the energy department

Anton Fagerström is team leader for the Energy Team at IVL, he was offered the role after three years as a senior project manager. He works to coordinate the employees' work to deliver quality in all projects, which he finds fun and stimulating. He has a PhD in chemistry and a master's degree in engineering.

– I work a lot with contemplating future investments and projects that we can carry out together with others, both internally at IVL and externally, says Anton Fagerström.

How do you contribute to a sustainable future?

– I believe that a sustainable connection to energy is the key to a sustainable future. This applies to everything that includes production, distribution, conversion and use of energy. The work we do and the projects we carry out take us closer to making implementations based on that view. Sometimes it happens in larger steps and sometimes in smaller steps, but we work actively to ensure that we always move in the right direction and contribute to the change through our work.

What gives you energy at work?

– I get energy when I do something good at work with others. One of IVL's biggest strengths is how we collaborate between different groups and experts. This means that we can formulate and implement complex projects that clearly contribute to the transition to a more sustainable society. It also allows us to solve many of the problems that society currently faces. Having the opportunity to work in such a context and with such talented employees is very stimulating and energizes me.

What makes IVL a good workplace?

– If you want to contribute to a more sustainable society through concrete projects and measures, working at IVL is a great place to put that will into practice. Here you often have a great deal of freedom to control which issues you want to work with, and you can be involved in designing and implementing projects from the first idea to execution in different activities.

What are you most proud of at work?

– I am most proud to be part of such an incredibly competent and driven team. It is noticeable that my colleagues like their work. Seeing everything we can contribute to society is something we should feel proud to be a part of.

What is it like to be a leader at IVL?

– IVL has many knowledgeable and driven employees and individuals who are very good at what they do. We consist of many people with strong determinations and personalities and working to direct this collective force towards common goals can be both challenging and very rewarding. Depending on how experienced people you work with, there is a palette of different needs among the employees and being able to be involved and help them realize their potential in an organization like ours is fun and rewarding.

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