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Business advice

Within each focus area, there is a working council, which consists of members from authorities and the business community as well as from IVL Swedish Environmental Institute (IVL).

The business councils will contribute to developing IVL's research offering. They are an important forum for conducting research and developing solutions to environmental and sustainability challenges together with business and government. Through the dialogue conducted in business councils, problems and challenges can be analyzed and knowledge gaps identified. It creates a basis for developing relevant research projects that create societal benefits.

Operating councils produce proposals for business orientation with priorities for research in both the short and long term (3-5 years) in accordance with SIVL's criteria and routines.

The members participate in the follow-up of the business plan and decided evaluations and contribute to the annual business report to the foundation's board. The work of the works council is a meeting place. In addition to three to four annual meetings, an annual stakeholder day is arranged, to which boards, works councils and other selected stakeholders are invited. The members of the Works Council have been selected to represent recipients of research results as well as grantors and clients in the business community and authorities.

Each focus area has a business council:

  • Natural resources, climate and environment
  • Resource-efficient cycles and consumption
  • Sustainable production and environmental technology
  • Sustainable urban development and transport

Members of the respective works council:

  • Chairman and representatives from business and government, appointed by SIVL's board
  • Representative and deputy representative from IVL's management, appointed by IVL's management group
  • Secretary from IVL, appointed by IVL's management team
  • Surveillance officers from IVL, appointed by IVL's management team

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