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SWIC has a lot to offer

A collaboration with SWIC, Sjöstadsverket Water Innovation Centre, can vary in scope and form. Below is a brief description of what we offer companies, research groups, and others active in water treatment and environmental technology.

In addition to supporting the development of future water and environmental technologies, a collaboration with SWIC enables partners to develop and market knowledge and technology using the facility:


IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute and KTH Royal Institute of Technology have a long-standing tradition of developing and implementing projects in water treatment and environmental technology together. Both belong to several national and international networks and are well established in new markets such as India and China. Our research proposals do often receive government or EU funding for initiatives of considerable interest to industry and of general relevance to society. Our collaboration with Svenskt Vatten, which represents water utilities and water companies in Sweden, can also be important for the implementation of joint projects.


IVL and KTH are leading research institutions in conducting basic and applied research in collaboration with actors in Europe and worldwide. We turn science into reality, for example, through pilot tests in realistic environment. The experience of IVL and KTH enables our partners to benefit from international funding and research, as well as co-funded research supported by the state.

Product development

We offer excellent conditions for developing new products from conception to implementation. This includes basic and applied research at different levels.


The configuration of the facility is well- suited for testing new technologies and innovative solutions in water treatment and environmental engineering. It is constructed to enable flexible control and interaction with various water and sludge treatment processes. We offer alsoalso offer possibilities to rent space at SWIC and conduct your own tests with the support of our knowledgeable staff.


One of the purposes of SWIC is to demonstrate the water treatment and environmental technology of the future. Our partner can display projects with new technologies and processes to not only to their potential clients and collaboration partners, but to the many visitors that SWIC receives every year, from Sweden and abroad.


We offer tours at SWIC for professionals in water treatment and environmental technology, with relevant focus area by requests. There is considerable interest from both national and international parties, and we receive several hundred visitors each year. Visitors also include investors, companies, officials, and politicians that seek Swedish innovations with sustainable environmental solutionssolutions.


SWIC helps build expertise in the water and wastewater industry, e.g., by offering training for students (thesis project and internship with practical work) and seminars and workshops to water professionals.

Circular infographic describing areas of activity at SWIC, Sjöstadverket Water Innovation Centre. The four most important are Resource-efficient wastewater treatment, Energy and climate, Supplementary wastewater treatment and Wastewater systems.