Summary Report: Environmental Life Cycle Assessment of GrowOff Modular Vertical Farm

This study was developed together with Grönska Stadsodling 365. Grönska is vertical farming company that started in 2015 and has developed a large-scale vertical farm in Stockholm and modular vertical farms which are in place nationwide. Since the start, Grönska has worked to reduce the resource and energy demands in order to promote more sustainable food provisioning. This summary report provides a brief review of the environmental life cycle assessment conducted during 2022 with Grönska on their modular cabinet vertical farms, i.e. the GrowOff system. The work was conducted within the FORMAS project “Assessing and Improving the Sustainability of Urban Vertical farming Systems,” grant 2019-02049 in order to help Grönska identify hotspots and understand the sustainability of the offerings.

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