Dispatchable electricity production in the North Harbour area in Malmö via renewable gases

The main purpose of this project has been to identify and discuss a concept for the North Harbor area in Malmö on how increased dispatchable electricity production and Power-to-gas is made possible through sector coupling of existing and additional infrastructure. This has meant that a cluster of relevant stakeholders has been created, both those who have activities in the area and others who in one way or another are considered important for the main purpose.

The report describes challenges in the electricity supply in Malmö and the North Harbor area. Background is given around the concept of sector coupling, types of sector couplings, the concept Power-to-X and other related projects and efforts. The current situation is described based on Malmö's and the port's history and continues with a description of the current infrastructure and mass and energy flows. From there, possible sector couplings and future access to power and electricity are prepared. The question - why sector coupling of the electricity grid will be needed is seen in the Malmö context and how an increase in electricity demand can result in periods of low and high electricity prices is described.

A possible transformation of the area is depicted for 2030 and 2045 with additional sector couplings in place and active, both for a high and low electricity price. Finally, the report concludes with a look at further optimization of the system and how the results from the project can continue on a larger scale.

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